Unelected Fake Governor of Arizona Katie Hobbs Says Her State Should Indict Donald Trump Too

Jack_the_sparow / shutterstock.com
Jack_the_sparow / shutterstock.com

America’s most beloved president in the history of the nation has now been indicted four times in four different jurisdictions on “novel” legal theories that couldn’t possibly pass the smell test if we were still living in a real country. Yet despite four indictments in four different jurisdictions, Democrats are still concerned that their vote-rigging capabilities are terrible. They’re genuinely terrified that Donald Trump will pull a Grover Cleveland in 2024, and then they’ll have to suffer through four more years of Trump pointing out what frauds they all are in DC. Since they don’t think four indictments are enough to stop him, Arizona’s fake and unelected “governor” Katie Hobbs says her state should be next.

Legal experts have now pored over every single indictment against Donald Trump, and every one of them has concurred that the former president never committed any actual crimes. Not that Trump will get a fair trial in any of these jurisdictions. He may very well win the 2024 election from inside a jail cell, as much as most of the completely partisan judges hate him.

Trump will most likely be convicted in some of those cases. Both Manhattan and Washington, DC voted 94% for Joe Biden in 2020, after all. But there doesn’t seem to be a strong belief among Democrats that this could either A) stop Donald Trump from winning in 2024 or B) make American voters turn against Trump, no matter how many fake indictments they pile upon him.

Arizona’s fake “governor” Katie Hobbs really stepped in it a few days ago, when she publicly stated that her state should indict Donald Trump on some fake charges too.

“Absolutely,” said Hobbs in her whiny, unelected voice. “I have been an advocate for holding folks involved in trying to overturn the will of the voters of, in the 2020 election accountable, and this is part of that process.”

Hobbs continued, “Accountability is critical. I don’t think we’re going to change directions until there’s accountability at the top level. I think it should move forward and play out in the legal process.”

A majority of American voters feel the same way about the need for accountability. However, most voters have a very different view of what “accountability” for election traitors is going to look like if Democrats keep pushing us toward a second Civil War in this fashion.

Since Katie Hobbs is a construct created by marketing consultants, not unlike the new Artificial Intelligence programs that people are getting excited about these days, her handlers quickly realized that the fake “governor” had really stepped in it by calling for Donald Trump to be indicted for more novel charges on completely legal campaign actions like free speech and saying words out loud.

Katie Hobbs’ staff got sent out to try to cool the backlash. That staffer hilariously stated:

“Gov. Hobbs misheard the question.”

So… Katie Hobbs is stupid? Okay, we’re persuadable on that point. Tell us more!

“She was responding generally about her belief that anyone who breaks the law must be held accountable for working to overturn free and fair elections,” said the spokes-weasel. “As she has consistently stated, she believes in allowing the legal process to proceed independently and without political interference.”

It kind of gives away the whole game there, doesn’t it? If it is political interference for Katie Hobbs to say that Arizona should prosecute Donald Trump, then what do you call it when Joe Biden sends the Department of Justice in to assist Alvin Bragg, Tanya Chutkin, or Fani Willis to do the same thing? Would that not be “political interference?”