3 Months Post-Tucker, Fox News is Already Donating to Planned Parenthood and the Satanic Temple

Black Salmon / shutterstock.com
Black Salmon / shutterstock.com

Well, that’s convenient. Whistleblowers from Fox News say that the company will now match employee donations up to the amount of $1,000, so long as the donation is to an organization that Fox approves of. Among the organizations that Fox News will match donations to are Planned Parenthood, the Satanic Temple, and a group that promotes gay pedophilia and sex change surgeries for minors. It seems like this was not happening just a few months ago when the most popular conservative Christian TV host in human history was appearing every night on the network.

Several whistleblowers from Fox News reached out to The Blaze and shared all of this information with them. All of the info has been corroborated and double-sourced, so none of this is fake news like the Russian potty tape against President Trump. This is real, and this is happening right now.

Fox News uses a mobile app called “Fox Giving” in the company’s internal portal. You cannot log into this app or even see it if you are not a current employee at Fox News. It’s not in the Google Play store or the Apple store. You can only get the app on your smartphone if you’re a current, full-time employee at Fox News.

At least one whistleblower showed a journalist from The Blaze how the app works. If any currently employed worker at Fox News makes an approved donation to an approved 501c3 charity through Fox Giving, the corporation will match that donation up to $1,000.

Fox News, which trails MSNBC in every timeslot since they stupidly, unjustly, and unceremoniously fired Tucker Carlson in April, will match donations up to $1,000 for the following “charities:”

  • The Satanic Temple
  • The Trevor Project
  • Planned Parenthood
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center

Most of those should be instantly recognizable to conservative Christians in America. The Satanic Temple needs no introduction. They worship Satan openly, and they practice abortion and baby sacrifice as an “unholy sacrament.” They’ve erected statues of Baphomet on government and school properties.

The Trevor Project is a gay pedophilia and transgender grooming group that targets vulnerable and depressed teenagers. If your teenage son is depressed, they will counsel your son to chop his testicles and penis off and then use a section of his colon to fashion him a fake “vagina,” which they claim will cure his depression. The same goes for what the Trevor Project wants to do to your teenage daughter, only in the reverse. They’re a pack of disgusting weirdoes who deserve the death penalty, and Fox News is donating money to them right now.

Planned Parenthood needs no introduction, either. They are the enemy of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True. They kill babies in or out of the womb and think that’s okay. They are also the second-largest purveyor of cross-sex hormones for children in order to permanently screw them up so they will always vote Democrat when they reach adulthood.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a George Soros-funded far-left “non-profit” that falsely labels all conservatives to the political right of Lindsay Graham as domestic terrorists, white supremacists, and evil.

These are the groups that Fox News is now financially supporting after they fired Tucker Carlson. That tells us a lot about Tucker’s power and influence on the political right. Fox was not doing this while Tucker was still in the building. Now that he’s gone, Fox obviously feels comfortable financially supporting the Satanic Temple and gay pedophilia.

It’s a miracle that Fox News even has a single conservative viewer left. There’s literally nothing left to watch on the failed channel, and they are supporting groups that are completely antithetical to conservative Christians.