Activists Peeved After Illegal Aliens Forced to Walk SEVEN BLOCKS to Their Free Luxury Hotel Rooms

Leanard Zhuvosky /
Leanard Zhuvosky /

Is there anything more obnoxious than the way bleeding-heart liberals groan about the plight of illegal aliens? New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been forced to cut the free city bus services that have been transporting illegals from the Port Authority to an intake center.

You wouldn’t believe the way that immigration activists are bleating about the illegals having to walk SEVEN WHOLE BLOCKS to their free luxury hotel rooms.

New York City now has more than 100,000 border-crossing welfare leaches that they’re stuck with, thanks to Joe Biden. City services are being strained to the breaking point, so Mayor Adams cut the free bus service for illegals to try to save some costs.

Attorney Joshua Goldfein with the Legal Aid Society whined, “These families and individuals, many of them with disabilities and many with very young children, have already experienced trauma at home and on their long journeys here.”

They have disabilities. Great. Really sending us your best, there, Mexico! Thanks!

“Forcing them to walk almost a mile to shelter intake facilities in the sweltering heat is shameful and cruel,” continued Goldfein.

Because it’s not like they just crossed the Darien Gap in Central America on foot and then walked all the way across Mexico. Oh, the sweltering heat of New York, compared to Tehuacán!

After walking a whole seven blocks instead of getting a free bus ride, the illegals in Manhattan are being housed completely at taxpayer expense at the Roosevelt Hotel. Have you seen the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan? It’s really nice.

Of course, you will never get a free stay at the Roosevelt Hotel. Those taxpayer-funded rooms are only reserved for the poor, exploited illegal aliens who have to walk seven whole blocks to stay there.