Biden Impeachment Bill Passes in the House…

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If you haven’t heard, the House of Representatives has voted to impeach sitting Democratic President Joe Biden.

Now, of course, it’s not a done deal yet, nor does it even mean that the motion will move to the Senate.

Instead, it simply means that the articles of impeachment will be handed off to the Judiciary and Homeland Security committees for review and approval. Then, it may be sent on to the Senate.

However, some would say that, just as with Trump’s impeachment files, it won’t make it that far.

For starters, it’s noted that the articles were filed rather suddenly by Colorado Republican Lauren Boebert. According to her, Biden has been charged with “high crimes and misdemeanors” regarding how he has handled, or not handled, the Southern border and the ensuing immigration crisis.

Now that it has passed with a 219 to 208 vote, a rather close one along party lines, the articles must be reviewed, just like any other bill.

However, the review process is largely seen as a way for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to stall the impeachment entirely, getting it caught up with no apparent resolution.

Naturally, Democrats are furious with the whole thing.

According to Massachusetts Representative Jim McGovern, the whole thing is being pushed along by avid Trump supporters as a way to go after Biden. To him, it’s ridiculous, a waste of time, and a complete “joke.”

Of course, I’m pretty sure most on the right said the same thing when Trump was on the hot seat during his presidency, not once but twice. And I know that’s what much of the country thinks about the whole Trump indictment battle.

While Boebert noted the vote to be a “historic action” and one that the committees have an “obligation to act” on, the truth is that they don’t. And that means, just like it is assumed McCarthy wants, they could go absolutely nowhere, despite how badly we need to be rid of Biden.

Then again, ousting him would only mean that VP Kamala Harris would get the Oval Office…