Biden’s Housing Secretary Marcia Fudge Ditches Ship

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With only eight months remaining until the presidential election, an unexpected event occurred in President Joe Biden’s Cabinet: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge resigned. On March 22, Fudge will leave Washington and return to Ohio.

Fudge expressed her sentiments, stating, “It’s time to go home,” adding, “I do believe strongly that I have done just about everything I could do at HUD for this administration as we go into this crazy, silly season of an election.” She also emphasized that there comes a time when one knows it’s time to step away from public service, a view that President Biden does not share.

This decision marks the end of her political journey, with Fudge declaring, “Don’t look for me to ever be on another ballot or another appointee or anything like that. I really do look forward to being a private citizen.”

Fudge emphasized that affordable housing should be a priority for both political parties, Republicans and Democrats alike. She added that the issue is not a matter of political affiliation but rather a shared concern that affects all Americans.

Politico labeled her resignation as unexpected, especially following recent comments from White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients, who asserted the entire Cabinet’s commitment to President Biden’s agenda.

While Biden is expected to nominate Fudge’s successor, Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su remains in limbo due to confirmation challenges. In the interim, Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman will act as the acting secretary.

Fudge’s departure adds to the list of exits from Biden’s Cabinet, following Marty Walsh and Eric Lander’s departures in previous years.

Notably, Fudge faced controversy in 2021 when she was found guilty of violating the Hatch Act during a news briefing discussing the potential outcome of the 2022 Senate race in Ohio. The Office of Special Counsel ruled this a breach of the act, which prohibits partisan activities by federal employees during official duties.