Bill Gates-Backed Companies Cleared to Sell Fake Lab-Grown Chicken Meat Made from Cancer Cells

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In a terrifying new development, the Department of Agriculture under Joe Biden has given the green light for companies to sell fake laboratory-grown chicken “meat” in the US. Bill Gates is one of the primary backers of this disgusting technology, which is being billed as a way to fight climate change after John Kerry seizes all the farms. The scary thing about this is that the USDA doesn’t seem to have a plan in place to label this fake meat created with cancer cells. It’s initially going to be sold in restaurants to unwitting people.

This horrifying fake “meat” is created through a lengthy and expensive process. First, stem cells are extracted from chickens with cancer. The cancer cells are then tossed in a steel bioreactor with lots of soy, vitamins, minerals, and salt. After the cancer cells are cooked in a vat like this for a couple of weeks, they finally have a tiny batch of fake mystery meat.

Global warming lunatics like Bill Gates who are backing this horror show say that the controlled indoor environment in which the chicken is grown ensures better sanitation. That’s probably true in a certain sense. The illiterate illegal aliens cutting up chickens in the slaughterhouses to send to market aren’t exactly known for cleanliness when handling food. That’s a problem that’s easily mitigated by cooking our food thoroughly, though.

Climate kooks also say that growing cancer chicken in a lab will eliminate all the “harmful effects” of farming entirely. Americans consume about 8 billion chickens every year, so growing enough cancer chicken to replace just one chicken farm is akin to moving the entire population of a small country to Mars. The amount of coal-fired energy required for this lab meat manufacturing process would be astronomical.

People who know about food are not impressed with the cancer chicken.

Dietitian Diana Rogers told the New York Post, “I’d rather eat my shoe than lab-grown meat.”

Celebrity chef Andrew Gruel wrote on Twitter, “Lab Grown meat is a danger to both our food system and our economy. The energy required for production is outrageous – it can only survive on government subsidies. It’s full of additives and doesn’t mimic the healthful qualities of meat at all. Scary stuff.”

It seems like there is one additional downside to lab-grown meat, which is the fact that you are literally EATING CANCER. But maybe we’re just old-fashioned in thinking that.

So far, there are two mad scientist laboratories in California that are growing cancer chicken that they expect humans to eat. Those companies are Upside Foods and Good Meat, which is a subsidiary of East Just. Bill Gates is one of the primary financial investors in these cancer chicken companies. East Just has actually been selling synthetic chicken eggs in retail stores since 2019. Did you know that? Does anyone in Congress know or care that this has been happening, and they’re just now telling us?

The initial plan for these Bill Gates cancer chicken companies is to start selling the meat in select restaurants across the country. It’s expected to take a few more years before the cancer chicken will end up on store shelves. That’s mainly because of the astronomical cost of growing a tiny batch of cancer chicken. The global de-populationists at the World Economic Forum would gladly have us all eating cancer for dinner right now if they could pull it off.

The bad news is that this junk is probably eventually going to end up in the grocery stores, and it will not be labeled. The good news is that only a boosted person would be dumb enough to want to deliberately try the cancer chicken.