“Free Gaza” Clowns Target the Lincoln Memorial

S.Borisov / shutterstock.com
S.Borisov / shutterstock.com

The liberal left has founded their basis on the idea of being a victim. Consistently perpetuating that, they make poor decisions that make them look more ignorant than ever before. In their latest move, they decided to tag around the Lincoln Memorial at the National Mall in Washington DC with the words “Free Gaza” and “Land Back” in multiple locations. Additionally, they dropped massive splotches of latex-based paint on the steps from the memorial to the Reflecting Pool.

Talking with ABC News, the US Parks Service told them that the removal of the graffiti has already begun, but it may take multiple treatments. So far, the police have not identified suspects but are taking tips. However, as Dave Rubin, a conservative Jewish political commentator, remarked, “There are cameras literally everywhere around the DC mall. If they don’t catch who did this, it’s because they don’t want to catch them.”

Previously, vandals and protesters have targeted memorials around DC, with “Free Palestine” showing up on numerous Lafayette Square statues. In 2022 the Washington Monument received multiple incidents of paint defacing, many with vulgar messages. Protesters in 2020 for George Floyd also painted over multiple statues on the National Mall. In every incident, the damage has been repaired within a few weeks, resulting in minimal disruptions.

What these clowns fail to realize is that their mark will be erased in short order, thus resulting in little more than a public annoyance and possibly preventing people from seeing a national landmark. Some people dream of seeing their entire lives. Yet once caught, these are charges that will follow them for a lifetime. Anytime someone searches their name, that article will be there, haunting them and making them pay for their dumb choices.