GOP Reps Propose Bill to Force NATO Freeloaders to Pay Up

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A handful of Republicans in Congress continue to fight an uphill battle when it comes to the Ukraine war. In the last year, only six NATO countries met their obligation to pay 2% of their GDP toward their own national defense. The other 22 countries couldn’t be bothered and continued to expect the American taxpayers to fund the bulk of the war in Ukraine. Reps. Chip Roy (R-TX) and Warren Davidson (R-OH) have proposed a bill that would force the NATO freeloaders to pony up their fair share to pay for Europe’s defense.

American soldiers are dying on the ground in Ukraine right now, and our leaders are lying to us about it. They won’t admit it for another year or two, when they’ll suddenly mention, “Oh, yeah. We’ve had troops there all along. Tons of casualties. Sorry about that.” It’s like Vietnam all over again.

We have no national interest whatsoever in protecting Ukraine’s borders or helping it fight a war against Russia. An argument could be made that the European countries in NATO do have an interest, but just barely. Vladimir Putin has expressed no interest whatsoever in invading any other European countries than the three tiny counties on the eastern edge of Ukraine, which wanted to secede from Ukraine and rejoin Russia. After all, Russia is their mother country, and Russian is their national language.

Putin doesn’t even want the rest of Ukraine. He just wants the Ukrainians and the Biden regime to knock it off. The Biden White House has been presented with three different peace agreements and has rejected them all.

The official tally that the US has sent to Ukraine so far is supposed to be around $120 billion. The real figure is probably north of $200 billion. Shouldn’t the European nations be chipping in the slightest bit for their own defense since we are funding and supporting this effort for Ukraine?

Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the United Kingdom all met their 2% of GDP required under the NATO agreement last year. The rest of the NATO countries did not, and some did not even come close.

“With families suffering from the effects of crippling, historic levels of inflation, America should not be subsidizing the security of countries that choose to invest in massive welfare states instead of their own defense,” says Rep. Chip Roy. He notes that the United States has been paying the lion’s share of NATO’s defenses ever since the treaty was signed after World War II.

Rep. Davidson says, “The majority of member countries fail to spend the bare minimum on their own defense. The U.S. should not continue to fund the defense of NATO member countries who choose not to invest in it themselves.”

Congress and the Biden machine are set to send another $300 million to Ukraine right now. Biden even wants to send F-16s to Ukraine, which would finally escalate the conflict to the nuclear level (F-16s can be used to deliver nukes, which is an ability Ukraine doesn’t have yet). In the US Senate, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) is calling for the NATO freeloaders to begin paying their fair share as well. Lee wants to restrict the $300 million until a commitment is received from the 22 NATO countries that are not pulling their weight. Sen. Lee’s amendment should be voted on soon, but conservatives shouldn’t hold out much hope of this actually happening.

The Uniparty in Congress has weirdly committed itself to this disastrous and pointless war. The only thing that could end it at this point would be the reelection of Donald Trump.