Groups Prepare for Trump’s Dictatorship Ahead of 2024 

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin /

Some lawmakers and public interest groups are quietly crafting plans to stop former President Donald Trump’s highly anticipated 2025 dictatorship. Fueled by a spate of alleged memoirs and tell-all books, the groups seek ways to keep Trump from fulfilling campaign promises. 

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper related a “chilling” moment when Trump asked if the United States military could “shoot political protestors in the knees.” Trump supporters would roll their eyes, but Esper seized on the moment to claim “utter disgust” and alarm by the “suggestion” in his book, A Sacred Oath. It should be noted that Esper was fired during the final months of Trump’s presidency, possibly tainting his views in his “bombshell” book. 

Individuals involved revealed to NBC News that they are analyzing Trump’s previous actions and policy stances for 2024 to be well-prepared for his potential return to the White House. This preparation includes strategizing for legal recourse and sending letters to Trump appointees outlining potential consequences if they challenge constitutional norms. 

Mary McCord, the executive director of the Institution for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown Law, stated, “We’re already assembling a team to anticipate the most harmful actions he might take so that we’re ready to file lawsuits if necessary.” 

It’s proof that, in Trump’s case, “fiction is stranger than truth.” 

This initiative aims to form a coalition to oppose Trump right from the start. Participants search for like-minded organizations and examine policy papers for a potential conservative administration. They closely follow interviews with Trump allies for insights into a possible Trump sequel. Notable participants include Democracy Forward, which sued the Trump administration over 100 times, and Protect Democracy. 

Trump has made numerous sarcastic responses to Democrats who accuse him of wanting to be a dictator. His wit is lost on liberals, who quake in feigned fear and point to his witticisms as proof of his intentions. He has attempted to walk back his comments, pointing out on social media that his vow to “only be a dictator on day one” was a joke.  

But that doesn’t stop his critics, or the liberal news media, from taking him seriously, at least in the name of news and the upcoming election.  

Democrats point fingers at Trump’s promises to rebuild a military Biden has spent three years destroying. The former president enjoys military support for his pledge to fund the military and reverse the Biden administration’s woke policies, a fact that liberals theorize will make the DOD complicit in vague schemes to overthrow the Constitution.  

“The military is hundreds of thousands of people strong, and ultimately, Trump will find people to follow his legal orders no matter what,” an anonymous former senior official warns. 

The groups point to the violence and property destruction during the summer riots of 2020 as a prime example of Trump seeking to weaponize the military. As thousands of people lost their businesses and, in some cases, their lives, Trump considered sending armed troops to quell the violence. Expressing the desire to use military forces to save Americans in the face of unchecked riots is, apparently, something special interest groups think is out of the realm of presidential authority, despite the normalcy of sending the military in to help stave off violence during natural disasters. 

Democrats are putting the obstacles in place to ensure Trump will not be able to enact his plans, such as curbing illegal immigration. By doing so, they can remain in power even through a Trump presidency. Lawmakers are enacting roadblocks now, such as passing bills to make it harder to exit NATO. During his term, Trump, dissatisfied with America funding the bulk of NATO, contemplated leaving the alliance. However, Biden recently signed a defense bill of $886 billion, preventing a president from withdrawing from NATO.  

Even more concerning to Democrats is the knowledge that Trump will clean house and put those who support him in positions of power, and it’s another area these groups seek to control. Trump surrounded himself and sought counsel from a diverse group of military leaders who were dismissed after they turned sour on his presidency. The January 6 committee eagerly interviewed these disgraced leaders, noting that the DOD had “genuine concerns” that Trump would issue an “illegal order to use the military in support of his efforts to overturn the election.” 

Of course, it was an overly dramatic attempt to paint Trump as an insurrectionist with dictatorial desires and had no bearing on reality. The only actual threat to democracy lies in an administration supported by leftist special interest groups who seek to block power from a political enemy before he even takes office. The Democrats are silently laying the framework to remain in power if Trump regains the presidency.