How Much Did James Biden’s Testimony Hurt Joe Biden? 

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President Joe Biden’s brother James made a startling revelation to the FBI last year that he and his family engaged in favoritism for Chinese foreign nationals to help CEFC China Energy Co. acquire a U.S. liquid natural gas facility in Louisiana.  

James Biden admitted to collaborating with Louisiana state officials to streamline regulations for the deal, which ultimately didn’t go through. Bank records show financial connections between Biden associates and CEFC, including payments to Hunter Biden for legal services and an $80,000 diamond he received from the company in 2017. These allegations further sealed Joe Biden’s fate and fueled allegations about the misuse of his political power for financial gain. 

James has been under intense scrutiny by the House Oversight Committee for over a year, with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) claiming in October 2022 that the FBI possessed “significant and voluminous evidence” of potential criminal actions taken by him and Hunter Biden.  

James’ admission to working with his nephew Hunter to leverage Joe Biden’s authority was stunning proof that the corruption runs deeply throughout the family. 

And, despite the liberal news media’s attempts to downplay the ever-expanding First Family scandals, America is paying attention. 

Per the most recent AP-NORC poll, a significant portion of the American population believes that President Biden has engaged in either illegal or unethical conduct regarding his son Hunter’s controversial business dealings.  

According to the poll, just 30% of American adults think Biden has been free of wrongdoing in handling his son’s business affairs, while 68% believe the president’s actions fall into the categories of either illegal or unethical.  

In the breakdown, 35% of respondents believe the president has committed illegal acts, while 33% view his actions as merely “unethical.”  When examined by party affiliation, 40% of Democrats think Biden has acted either illegally or unethically in addressing his son’s business dealings, with 58% holding the opinion that the president has not engaged in wrongdoing.  

Among those who think Biden has acted wrongly, 8% claim he acted illegally, and 32% believe he acted unethically. In contrast, 96% of Republicans feel that Biden has acted improperly, with 65% stating that he acted illegally and 35% believing his actions were unethical.  

Nonetheless, the cover-up seems to be working. A considerable portion of the public remains uninformed about the inquiry, with only 54% of respondents indicating familiarity with the ongoing process. Of those who are aware of it, 49% disapprove of the impeachment inquiry. 

James’ testimony lent credence to the ongoing investigations accusing President Joe Biden of corrupt business dealings with foreign entities alongside his family. 

Following the release of 700 pages of documents by the Ways and Means Committee, it was revealed that President Biden had more than just awareness of his family’s business dealings; he was connected to them. The documents revealed a pattern of lunches, phone calls, White House meetings, and official foreign trips where Hunter and James Biden facilitated access to Joe throughout his political career.  

James confirmed what the investigation had already uncovered. In 2018, a text message from James to his nephew, sent when Hunter was spiraling out of control with his addictions and financial problems, read, “This can work, you need a safe harbor. I can work with your father alone; it’ll probably take several months.” 

In another text message exchange, Hunter Biden communicates with Gongweng Dong, an agent of CEFC. In the message, Hunter mentions, in all caps, that “my uncle will be here with his BROTHER” who would like to say hello to the Chairman. The capitalized reference to “James’ brother” makes it quite clear that he is talking about Joe Biden. 

James’ testimony made it clear that Joe Biden can’t trust his own brother any more than he can trust his son to keep corruption hidden. James clearly implicated Joe in an ongoing series of questionable business dealings, and according to the polling, Americans are paying attention. 

Still, don’t expect to see coverage of James’ bombshell testimony on CNN or MSNBC. The liberal media is still calling the mounting evidence “baseless” and “unfounded.” But the revelation of James’ testimony requires another national diversion, and Trump has no more to offer the Democrats. It’s time to bring COVID back for a sequel.