Idaho Rep Being Ousted for Some Fresh Blood

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Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) is damn near an institution on Capitol Hill. He’s represented the eastern part of Idaho, and the Republican party of Idaho has largely turned their backs on him. He no longer believes in the same things, and many believe it’s time he fades out and lets someone else have the limelight.

Formerly President Donald Trump’s acting Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, still has deep connections to the party. He says he has seen the writing on the wall. In a statement on X/Twitter, he said, “I am hearing that Idaho Republicans will primary @MikeSimpson4ID with an America First patriot. I support them. We don’t have time for lip service. This is their previous statement.”

Grenell went on to link to a statement from an Idaho paper. It seems that many in his district believe Simpson forgot what he was elected for. That he no longer wishes to represent the people of eastern Idaho and has instead lost their values to embrace those found in Washington, D.C. One of the biggest divisions for the party same when Simpson bucked the Republican caucus and voted against Jim Jordan as the Speaker of the House. In their opinion, he was bending the knee for the liberals.

He was elected to office 25 years ago, and he’s now 73 years old. A lot has changed since he first ran for office, and frankly, he has failed to keep pace with the transition of the Republican party, the American people, and especially the people whom he is there to represent. In 2022’s reelection, he failed to even capture 55% of the vote, but his next closest opponent barely missed 33%. This is a sign that Simpson’s support is slipping, and without a credible Republican to challenge the seat in 2024, it might be lost.