In a Jam: Does Biden Not Know or Not Care About Peasants’ Rush Hour on Capital Beltway? 

Nicole Glass Photography /
Nicole Glass Photography /

Americans don’t need any more proof that The Big Guy, President Joe Biden, is ridiculously out of touch with the peasants over which he reigns supreme, but once again, his mindless actions affected Americans adversely. 

Biden was heading to a rich, Democratic stronghold just outside of Washington DC. While heading over to Chevy Chase, MD with his hand out, the president created an even worse nightmare scenario on a road that remains a nightmare scenario all on its own, the Capital Beltway.  

And commuters were not amused or supportive while they sat for hours in a five-mile traffic jam created by a complete road closure of the northbound lanes of 495 during rush hour, thanks to Team Biden. Frustrated commuters sat for hours at a complete standstill while Biden’s motorcade whisked by in blissful ignorance of their plight. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the primary escape routes I270 and the George Washington Parkway, were also closed, leaving motorists all dressed up in their work clothes with nowhere to go. 

If that wasn’t enough 495 fun for one day, the closure was repeated in the opposite direction when King Biden took to the road again to go home after his fundraising event. That closure, while lasting fifteen minutes, was enough to back traffic up yet again. 

Commuters typically avoid the Capital Beltway at all costs unless necessary. There is rarely a “good” time to be on 495, but rush hour is always especially congested, costing commuters an extra hour of time on the best of days. 

All “lower” life forms were caught up in the king’s fiasco, including Montgomery County Council President Evan Glass. Glass hopped out of his car for a selfie during the standstill, tweeting, “The Beltway comes to a complete stop for the presidential motorcade. I knew I should have taken the bus!”  

Twitter users, even those supporting Biden, railed at the closures. One angry user tweeted, “This was terrible timing, right at rush hour?…. The lack of consideration for us ‘normal people’ is infuriating.” 

It was a sentiment echoed in hundreds of angry social media posts, including one exasperated commuter who tweeted, “4 hours of my life I can’t get back. This has single-handedly cost my capital D Democrat vote for you Sleepy Uncle Joe.  If [Trump] wins by one vote, you know what cost you the election.” 

Many expressed anger over the closures because there is a simpler, more direct route that wouldn’t have involved closing the main roads around Washington DC. One baffled user posted, “Big Biden supporter here — but what an unnecessary and boneheaded move by the Secret Service… for God’s sake, next time just drive up Connecticut Ave. what a ridiculous route. president. There are about a million better and more direct ways to go from the White House to Chevy Chase.” 

In response, someone tweeted, “Why not take the 7-mile most direct route? Because he thinks he’s a king.” 

The incident is now being called “Biden’s Bridgegate,” a nod to former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie deliberately closing lanes at the toll plaza to create traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge’s upper levels. The scandal was allegedly a retaliation for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich’s refusal to back him in the 2013 gubernatorial election.  

Those closures resulted in significant backups, including delayed responses from emergency responders. A woman died due to the delays in response following a 911 call, and responders were held up for an hour before arriving on the scene of a man actively experiencing chest pains. Additionally, police were unable to respond to a call involving a missing child. 

In short, comparing Biden’s road closures to Christie’s Bridgegate is an unflattering condemnation. 

But Biden has a long list of tone-deaf commentary and actions, including “If you can’t afford health insurance, we will punish you with an expensive fine you will also be unable to afford.” Then there were his comments to coal workers to simply “find another job,” his advice that families who can’t afford to put gas in their cars should spend $60k for an electric vehicle, and his “deal with it” response to inflation and Americans living paycheck to paycheck in his failing economy. 

King Biden is out of touch with the reality of his peasants. As a Twitter user fumed, “Biden is so out of touch with us ‘Unwashed’ that he didn’t even know what Rush Hour is let alone when it is.”