Kamala Harris Admits the Plan in 2024 is to “Run without an Opponent”

Maxim Elramsisy / shutterstock.com
Maxim Elramsisy / shutterstock.com

There’s usually not much of a reason to pay attention to anything that Kamala Harris says other than for entertainment purposes. It’s funny to watch her try to explain things, like telling a room full of adults what the letters ‘AI’ stand for, but otherwise, she’s likely to give you a headache with one of her word salads. Sometimes she says the quiet part out loud, however. It happened again last week, when Not-Mrs.-Willie-Brown appears to have admitted that the plan for her and Joe Biden in 2024 is to run without an opponent.

Harris has been campaigning in South Carolina ahead of the February 3rd Democrat primary. Joe Biden is incapable of campaigning because he’s completely shot from old age and dementia. A Biden-friendly reporter was asking Harris softball questions and wanted to know why she and Biden are not attacking Donald Trump as fiercely as the media wants them to:

“Some are concerned you all are being a little too confident. Why not go out and attack Donald Trump? Go after his legal challenges. What are you waiting for?” asked the bootlicking reporter.

Harris responded, “I am of the school that you either run without an opponent, or you run scared.” Then she started cackling like a hyena.

Run without an opponent? Gee, what could she mean by that?

Come to think of it, everything that Biden-Harris and the DNC have done in regard to the 2024 election suggests that they’d very much prefer to forego this whole “democracy” thing entirely.

The Biden-Harris campaign skipped the first-in-the-nation caucus in Iowa this year. The reason behind that is because the voters in Iowa tend to hate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Pete Buttigieg won the Iowa caucus in 2020.

The campaign has also completely skipped the caucus in New Hampshire. 21 other Democrats will appear on the ballot there instead—just not Joe Biden. The New Hampshire Attorney General had to send a cease-and-desist letter to the DNC for meddling in the state’s primary. The DNC sent out mailers to voters telling them that the New Hampshire primary “does not matter” since Joe Biden is not on the ballot. There’s nothing quite like having a political party tell you that your vote doesn’t matter! That’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

In Florida, the Democrat Party only allowed Joe Biden’s name to appear on the ballot. That automatically awards the state’s 250 delegates before anyone even got a chance to vote. Too bad for the other 21 Democrat candidates (yes, there really are that many) who wanted a chance to run against him. What do they think this is—a democracy?

So, Harris and Biden are running in South Carolina, and the Democrats are pretending that this is the first primary of the year and that there are no other candidates running. Not only that, but it’s clear that they intend not to have an opponent in the general election, either. Biden’s Department of Justice has been following the Biden campaign’s orders by indicting the 2024 frontrunner, Donald Trump, on dozens of “novel” (meaning “invented out of thin air”) felony counts. Kamala Harris wasn’t kidding when she said she and Old Joe are planning to run without an opponent this year.

Here’s the video of Kamala Harris admitting that it’s their intent to prevent Donald Trump or any other candidates from running at all: