Portland Finally Admits It Does Have a Serial Killer Preying on Women


Community members in Portland have been convinced for months that there is a serial killer on the loose. The bodies of six women have been discovered in wooded areas, all within 100 miles of each other in the Portland area. Police, however, have vehemently denied that the deaths were connected in any way. This week they changed their tune. At least four of the deaths have been linked to each other, and it’s definitely a serial killer that they think did it. You won’t believe the reason why they were covering up the fact that it’s a serial killer.

The Portland Police Bureau has been saying for months that there is “no reason to believe these six cases are connected.” As they were denying that this was the work of a serial killer, they were also discouraging the public from suggesting it was a serial killer. They told the public to learn “the facts about these cases before sharing speculation.”

The cops now believe that a man named Jesse Lee Calhoun is the killer. He’s been identified as the main suspect, and he is back in custody. Back in custody? Oh, yes.

Before Calhoun allegedly killed at least four of these women, he was released from prison early by former Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D). Calhoun was serving a sentence for burglary, unauthorized possession of a stolen vehicle, and injuring a police officer and a police dog.

Former Gov. Brown was considered one of the most leftwing progressive governors in the country when she was in power. Ask anyone from Oregon, and they’ll tell you she was pretty awful. She released Calhoun from prison early, and he immediately went to work allegedly killing a bunch of women. Is there a better metaphor for modern progressive liberalism than that?