Pres. Biden Still Claims He’s Never Done Business With Hunter

Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /
Muhammad Aamir Sumsum /

In his decades of experience with politics, President Joe Biden has gotten more than comfortable with lying to the American people, and to reporters. Hiding what he has done to the American people and how he has sold out his office with the help of his son Hunter has been explicitly documented. Now, the House Ways and Means Committee has uncovered thorough evidence of it.

Based mostly in the spring of 2014 while serving as Vice President, Joe was identified as communicating under pseudonyms. Most often he has been identified as using “Robin Ware” while ending emails with Eric Schwerin, who was a business associate and accountant to Hunter. Discovered during a new email search, the majority came during the timeframe that Hunter sat on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings.

Following a Biden speech for more support for Ukraine, New York Post White House correspondent Steven Nelson asked, “On Ukraine and also China, there is polling by the Associated Press that shows that almost 70% of Americans, including 40% of Democrats, believe that you acted either illegally or unethically in regards to your family’s business interests. Can you explain to Americans, amid this impeachment inquiry, why you interacted with so many of your son and brother’s foreign business associates?”

A direct question, and fair given the just concluded speech, Biden proceeded to waive Nelson off while insisting that this was nothing but lies. Never mind the fact that these emails are part of official White House email transcripts, and the House Ways and Means Committee is the one who found them.

In their findings, Joe and Schwerin emailed 317 times, with Hunter Biden copied in on emails from official White House email addresses to Joe’s email aliases. Breaking down things further, Biden and Schwerin communicated just five times before his June 2014 trip, then 27 times before Biden returned in November 2014. In May 2016 Joe used a different email alias to tell Hunter about his planned meetings with then-President in Ukraine.

All in all, these investigations have uncovered mountains of evidence that Joe not only profited immensely from Hunter’s business dealings. Also, they found that Hunter got the deals through the virtue of Daddy selling (or at least renting out) his position and political influence. No publicly elected office is supposed to be for sale or rent to the highest bidder. Instead, it is supposed to be there to serve the interests of the American people. The very people who elected you to that position.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith issued a statement on December 6th about the findings. “Hundreds of messages from alias emails raise questions of whether Joe Biden was trying to hide the existence and content of these messages. If investigators had not been stonewalled, the IRS investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax fraud and business dealings would have naturally laid bare Joe Biden’s direct involvement.”

Given how much evidence has piled up, many people are investigating the idea of impeachment against Joe as early as January. While this might sound extreme to some, those are only liberals. They don’t quite grasp the concept of not selling out the office, and distinguishing right from wrong in this instance. Instead, the rest of the leaders and their families are all following the same playbook.

Biden’s actions, his lying about it, and the deceit the American people have suffered through as a result and the way we are expected to simply go along with it is maddening. Given how long they allowed the evidence to build up, and everything that he has been allowed to do since, it should be an easy case. Hell, selling out the Vice Presidency alone should be more than enough to have him in Leavenworth. Add in the decades of insider trading, and manipulating at least billions if not trillions of dollars in federal contracts for his friends, family, and supporters?

Biden should have his goose so cooked it starts smoking.