Robots Completely Replace Humans in California Food Service Jobs

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That didn’t take long! After the California legislature helpfully got thousands of food service workers fired by raising minimum wage to $20 an hour, some entrepreneurs are starting restaurants with nothing but robot employees. The writing is already on the wall for most small business owners, and they realize they won’t be able to stay open with human employees much longer. It’s as if the far-left communists running the State of California want to replace all unskilled human jobs with robots (and maybe they do).

In Pasadena, a restaurant called CaliExpress is about to open. It will have a single human employee in the building, and everything else will be done by robots. It’s just a burgers-and-fries joint, it’s pretty easy to see where this is going. Since the government has decided to shave the already tiny profit margins of restaurants to less than zero, most will either have to go out of business or replace all their human employees with robots.

The regulatory and tax environment in California has already made it too expensive for people who work at a fast-food restaurant to afford fast food. For a family of four to eat out at a fast-food place, it can easily cost in excess of $60 plus tax. And that was before the $20 minimum wage was passed.

The owners of this CaliExpress restaurant in Pasadena have partnered with a company called Miso Robotics to build an all-robot workforce. These burger-flipping robots apparently cost about $3 an hour to keep in operation, when you factor in their purchase costs and ongoing maintenance. Plus, the robots don’t need to be tipped and they can work 24 hours a day without taking a break or requiring overtime. Good luck to any human trying to compete with that, when the state is forcing restaurant owners to pay workers $20 an hour, with annual raises tied to inflation.

As our tech overlords rush headlong to embrace this job-killing technology, it’s distressing that no one in government is asking the obvious question:

Is it moral to develop technologies that could potentially deprivemillions of human workers of their livelihood?

Have you noticed that almost nobody in charge is willing to ask that question? Politicians seem so enamored of the Big Tech companies that they’re not even willing to begin the process of imposing any sort of regulations or restrictions on robotics powered by artificial intelligence (AI). They’ve all turned into libertarians on the issue.

This isn’t just going to impact the restaurant industry in the near future. There are already bookkeepers, telemarketers, data entry clerks, receptionists, proofreaders, bank tellers, travel agents, and customer service representatives that are losing their jobs to AI.

Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) is one of the very few Members of Congress who has spoken out against AI taking the livelihoods of humans. He’s mainly spoken out about automation in the trucking industry.

President Donald Trump spoke out against this emerging AI technology this week. Some liberal idiot used an AI artwork program to create fake images of Trump surrounded by little girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet. The images were completely fake, but low-IQ Democrats spread them all over social media. Trump says the technology is “dangerous” and needs to be regulated quickly. He’s right.

One question that remains open about the restaurant situation is whether humans will choose to go to a place like CaliExpress to eat. The robots are, after all, extremely creepy and weird. You can check out CaliExpress in this local news report: