Think UFOs Are Bad? Try USOs

Pim Leijen /
Pim Leijen /

Since the dawn of time, people have looked to the sky and been filled with questions about what they see. Questions about us being alone out there only got stranger when unidentified flying objects (UFOs) would streak across the sky. As time has evolved, we have come up with all sorts of theories, and many are incredibly scary. Yet it’s the unidentified submersible objects (USOs) in the briny deep we should be worried about.

A white paper from the Sol Foundation written by Rear Admiral and oceanographer Tim Gallaudet now brings the danger from the USOs to light. Writing for the think tank, the Admiral writes, “We have less research on transmedium UAP and USOs than is ideal. These underwater anomalies jeopardize US maritime security, which is already weakened by our relative ignorance about the global ocean…Their presence in the oceans at the same time presents an unprecedented opportunity for maritime science. To meet the security and scientific challenges, transmedium UAP and USOs should be elevated to national ocean research priorities.”

Gallaudet also talked about the massive underwater infrastructure that exists across the globe. He mentions how interconnected our nations are, both for civilian and military communications, and how much of it is left unexplored or monitored. This allows for creatures and people we don’t know about to operate under the sea’s surface without our awareness. It also means that the US is incredibly vulnerable to external threats.

Right now, maritime security is not the priority around the US it needs to be. While some steps are being taken to ensure the coastline and even up to a few miles out are safe, the open water and even underutilized inner channels are ripe for attacks, and should they come, we as a nation will be caught with our pants down. The fact that USOs haven’t taken down our ports so far should be shocking.