Trump Makes Bold Prediction That He Can Win This Blue State

Evan El-Amin /
Evan El-Amin /

President Donald Trump gave the keynote address to the New York Young Republican Club’s annual Gala on December 9th. In that speech, Trump made a bold prediction. He thinks he might actually be able to win his home state of New York in 2024, despite it being a traditionally liberal state. You might think that sounds preposterous on its surface, but there are a number of signs indicating that it is within the realm of possibility. Trump really could win New York next year.

In the latest Siena College poll, Trump is only trailing Grandpa Kid-Sniffer by 10 points among New York voters. Biden leads Trump by a margin of 46 to 36%. That’s a massive difference between the outcome of the 2020 election. During that race, Biden won with 60% of New York’s votes, compared to Trump with 37%.

Biden’s lead in New York has shrunk 14% since the last election—and maybe even more. Trump’s total is virtually unchanged. It’s clear that voters are abandoning Joe Biden in massive numbers. He’s given them good reasons for that.

New York City is being crushed under the weight of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens. Now that the open borders policies have come home to roost in blue cities, many residents are vowing not to vote for Biden again. That doesn’t necessarily translate into a new vote for Trump, but every voter that abandons Biden brings Trump one vote closer to a shocking upset victory.

New Yorkers are also struggling under the weight of Bidenomics. They have the second-highest state income tax in the nation and the highest housing costs. That doesn’t leave much wiggle room for everything else. New home mortgages have doubled since the 2020 election was stolen. Gas is almost double what it was when Trump was in office, and groceries are about 40% higher, according to the US Farm Bureau.

Americans have seen a stunning decline in their wealth and quality of life, and it only started happening when Donald Trump was forced out of office in the coup of 2020.

Biden is struggling with his own base when it comes to foreign policy, too. Americans are shocked that so many Democrats are protesting in favor of Hamas right now, but Republicans should be viewing that as an opportunity. As Biden is supporting Israel in favor of a total genocide against the Palestinians, Republicans should be reminding everyone that Trump is the peace candidate.

The Hamas terror attacks on October 7 would never have happened in the first place if Donald Trump had been in office, and everyone knows it. Trump’s FAFO policy toward the leaders of terrorist groups was highly effective at keeping them in line. Every terrorist leader, including the ones in Hamas, knew that Trump was willing to drop one of those ninja sword drones on their heads and fricassee them into 17 pieces if they stepped out of line. Joe Biden doesn’t care because every war that he starts means more money in his pocket.

Muslim voters in America could make a dramatic shift away from Biden in 2024 if they decide that peace under President Trump is the better option for their relatives back in their home countries. That could be a major game-changer in states like Michigan and New York next year.

The bottom line is that Trump shouldn’t even be within striking distance of Joe Biden in New York—and yet he is. A lot could change over the next year, and New York could very well be in play for a Republican victory for the first time since 1984.