Trump Makes History by Taking the NH Primary

On January 23rd, New Hampshire held its GOP primary, with Donald Trump being declared the winner. By receiving 54.8% of the vote, he dominated Nikki Haley, who only garnered 43.6%. In doing so, Trump became the first modern-era non-incumbent Republican to win the first two presidential nominating contests.

While former SC Governor Haley having her home state’s primary up next on February 3rd, she is hanging in as the only serious alternative to Trump for the GOP ticket remaining. In her mind, SC is the chance to turn it all around. With her early decision to stay off of the February 6th Primary in Nevada, Trump is essentially guaranteed at least ¾ first primaries in the US.

From the 43.6% of total votes Haley received, over 70% of her “voters” weren’t registered Republicans, and only 5% had registered that date. That means less than 25% of registered Republicans who voted in the primary supported her running for office. Given her connection to Democrats and their strong push for her to be on the GOP ticket, it underscores that she is nothing more than a liberal in conservative clothing.

As the Trump Train continues to roll down the line, the number of fellow GOP politicians climbing onboard continues to climb. This is no longer a campaign the liberals can make fun of or attack unabated. If anything, the way he has dismantled those who went against him should leave the liberals more worried than ever. The tenacity with which he was able to get them to drop out without doing very much is beyond impressive.

Setting records and eliminating the competition is what we, as conservatives, live be the best, heads and shoulders above the rest. Second place and participation ribbons are for liberals.