Tucker Carlson’s Permanent Replacement is Made

Sharaf Maksumov / shutterstock.com
Sharaf Maksumov / shutterstock.com

It’s no secret that Fox News has been struggling as of late, largely thanks to their sudden ousting of popular host Tucker Carlson. However, some big changes are coming to the network, including a permanent replacement for Carlson. How this all plays out for Fox has yet to be played out.

As The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, Fox is apparently naming “The Five” co-host Jesse Watters as the man to replace Carlson’s prime time 8 p.m. slot.

Since Carlson’s ousting, the network has had more than a few hosts take the spot on occasion, revolving in and out, Watters included. But now, it seems Watters has won the spot permanently. To be sure, it’s a bit of a promotion for the network’s funnyman.

If you’ve ever seen his “Jesse Watters Primetime” show, you know that he’s done well to pair his sharp wit with comedy to become what most could call a rising star. It’s also made him stand out in a way few others in the network have.

Of course, the word is still out on just how well Watters could fill the massive shoes left behind by Tucker Carlson’s departure. But if anyone has a shot, it’s got to be Watters.

In its desperation, the network has also decided to make a few other changes.

Basically, everyone gets moved up an hour.

Laura Ingraham’s “The Ingraham Angle” will now be at 7 p.m., and Greg Gutfeld will show at 10 p.m.

Additionally, replacements are being found for Dan Bongino and Steve Hilton for the weekend slots.

Again, it’s uncertain whether any of these changes, on their own or together, will be the fix that Fox needs right now. It will likely take a good bit of time for people to really catch on again – that is, if the network can keep itself out of the cultural hurricane for a while.