TX Lawyer Ducks Real Jail Time for Attempting To Kill His Baby

New Africa / shutterstock.com
New Africa / shutterstock.com

Houston, TX-based attorney Mason Herring was able to accept a plea deal that allowed him to essentially walk free after attempting to kill his baby multiple times in 2022. Getting just 180 days in jail and ten years of probation from Harris County District Court Judge Andrea Ball, he pleaded guilty to one count of assault of a pregnant person and one count of injury to a child under age 15. In this case, he forced their young child to be born ten weeks premature and spend months on a feeding tube.

The 39-year-old attempted to give his wife, Catherine Herring, abortion-inducing drugs in her drink on numerous occasions. Already separated on March 8th, the two met for couples counseling, where she told him she was pregnant with their third child. Reacting with a visible objection to it, he claimed this would make him look foolish and would destroy his goals.

Visiting West Texas with the kids as a family for their anniversary, Mason used the opportunity to get on his wife about her eating habits. He insisted she needed to drink more water and brought her a full glass with breakfast. According to statements taken by investigators, this is when the attacks began.

“[Catherine Herring] stated that [Mason Herring] presented the cup of water and told her that she needed to drink more and that he would not leave until she drank the whole cup,” the affidavit states. “[Catherine Herring] stated that she drank out of the cup and stopped to take a breath, noticing that the water inside the cup appeared to be cloudy. [Catherine Herring] stated that she questioned [Mason Herring] about this, and he stated that perhaps the cup was dirty or the pipes were dirty. [Catherine Herring] stated that [Herring] then took the cup and left.”

As the affidavit continued, “She stated that she then began to suspect that something had been placed in her drink and that perhaps it was some kind of abortion drug due to her symptoms and [Mason Herring’s] reaction to finding out that she was pregnant. [Catherine Herring] stated that she had two more bouts of diarrhea, and on the final time, she discovered that she was bleeding. [Catherine Herring] stated that it was a large amount of blood, much like having her period.”

With the bleeding continuing, Catherine went to the ER the following day, with the ER tech opting to take a urine sample. The following day she alleged Mason tried presenting her a drink in an orange sports bottle. Weird drink offerings continued on March 21st and 22nd and then on April 20th and 21st. In these instances, orange juice with tampered seals and Sonic drinks with a substance floating in it were used in his mission to kill.

Then, on April 24th, Mason was seen on Catherine’s surveillance camera cleaning out his truck, tossing the trash in her can, and then putting it on the curb. Something she said greatly disturbed her as chores were something the lawyer refused to do. She claimed that when he left, she peeked in the trash and discovered open blister packages of the Mexican pharmacy version of Cytotec called ‘Cyrux.’ The main ingredient of this substance is Misoprostol, a known abortion drug. He was also caught on camera at her house dumping an unknown substance in her cup from a Ziplock baggie.

Giving him such a minimal sentence sends a dangerous message to the weak males across America. It tells them that they are above consequences. They can choose to try and kill an unborn; someone unable to defend itself. Or that it’s okay to harm the woman you made into a mother, for the third time, no less. This scumbag should be rotting for 18 years, and this judge gave him 180 days like it was painful for her.