UFC Legend Choppered to Hospital After Running Into a Burning Building Three Times

Andre Luiz Moreira@shutterstock.com
Andre Luiz [email protected]

On March 12th UFC Legend and Hall of Fame inductee, Mark Coleman was hospitalized after running in and out of his parent’s Toledo, OH home as it was on fire. According to training partner Wes Sims, “Mark’s parent’s [sic] house burnt down last night Mark saved both Dan & Connie Foos Coleman and went back for Hammer his dog. I swear to GOD-he’s one of the toughest individuals ever created, been thru so much a Movie at this point could not give his life work Justice! Please [pray] and Share! Life is Precious!”

Awoken by his Rottie, Hammer, Coleman found his way out and was able to get his elderly parents each out and safe from the fire. Again, running back in for the dog, Coleman was ultimately unsuccessful in reaching Hammer. Airlifted to a local hospital for treatment for smoke inhalation, he has since been intubated and placed under sedation. In total seven different departments were sent out to battle the blaze and looking at the very charred and minimal remnants of the house, you can see why.

Known as one of the fiercest competitors in UFC history, Coleman was also its first-ever heavyweight champion. Making his way into the Hall of Fame in 2008, he has persisted with the sport and helped nurture the youth looking to make their way into MMA.

Still incredibly active, he is not built like other 59-year-old men. He is the epitome of a man’s man, and this is just another example. When others wait and pray, the tough go, and that’s exactly what Coleman did. Saving his parents from certain doom is an incredibly courageous act. Going back for his best friend is a true test of his mettle, and he rises to the occasion. If anyone can bounce back, it’s men like him.