12 out of 12 Eastern Oregon Counties Vote to Abandon Leftist Portland and Join Idaho

Alexander Lukatskiy / shutterstock.com
Alexander Lukatskiy / shutterstock.com

Blue states and red states in America are going to have to separate into two separate nations in the near future. There’s no longer any compromise possible between the two sides. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Eastern Oregon right now, where the fight for multiple counties to separate from leftist Portland and join Idaho is gaining momentum.

With the recent vote in rural Wallowa County, 12 out of 12 counties that have voted on the “Greater Idaho” referendum have passed it. They hate you, Portland. It’s time for a divorce.

The Greater Idaho movement is not an automatic secession, despite misconceptions about it. Passing the referendum simply means that each county is requesting that the Oregon legislature and the Idaho legislature start talking about the separation. They’re asking for meetings. The Idaho legislature has already approved a measure to talk with the Oregon legislature about it. The leftists in Western Oregon, primarily Portland where there’s a huge amount of population and therefore a leftist majority in the legislature, hate the idea.

The people of Eastern Oregon are just as biased and normal as the people of Idaho. They just want to work and live their lives and not be bothered by Big Government. Western Oregon IS Big Government. The two sides are so different at this point that they’re like hostile foreign nations.

Eastern Oregon is an idyllic and rural place. * It’s largely farms and ranches and independent logging operations. People are very down-to-earth and normal. But Western Oregon has a huge amount of population, and they’re a bunch of leftwing psychopaths who would fit right in on the filth and drug-infested streets of San Francisco. Western Oregon’s large population base means that they vote down Eastern Oregonians on every issue. Eastern Oregon doesn’t stand a chance against this huge population gap.

It’s the same in California. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento have all the population, and they’re stark raving-mad leftist lunatics. If you took those three cities off the map, California would basically be as deep red as Florida. The same goes for Eastern Oregon.

The environmentalist nutjobs in Portland have passed so many anti-farming, anti-ranching, and anti-logging laws and regulations that it’s tough for people to make a living in Eastern Oregon. The air and water are perfectly clean in Idaho, despite the state not having any of Portland’s insane environmentalist laws that are being forced on Eastern Oregon.

They want out. Wallowa County just voted in favor of having those talks with Idaho. The measure only passed by 8 votes, but a win is a win. All 12 Eastern Oregon counties that have voted on secession have voted in favor of it. This is the whole “taxation without representation” thing all over again.

There’s no compromise between the Portland/Salem/Eugene leftists in Western Oregon and the regular people of Eastern Oregon. If higher taxes or some insane new ballot measure to limit cow farts is proposed in Salem, the voters in Eastern Oregon stand no chance of overturning it. They feel like disenfranchised slaves at this point because the Oregon legislature no longer represents them.

This separation is inevitable, and there are two ways to do it. The Greater Idaho movement, in which the counties of Eastern Oregon would secede and join Idaho, is the peaceful way to make this separation happen. Residents in several other states would like to follow suit. We could also do this “the hard way.”

As long as the leftists in Portland refuse to even have a conversation about possibly separating, the more inevitable “the hard way” is going to become.