Abortion in FL? Not After 6 Weeks Says Gov DeSantis

STEKLO / shutterstock.com
STEKLO / shutterstock.com

Late at night on April 13th, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took many of the state’s residents by surprise by signing off on the State Legislation-approved ban on abortion after six weeks of gestation has been reached. However, even with his signature, it cannot be enacted until the Supreme Court overturns its precedent on abortion. Entering the state Senate on April 3rd, it was approved by the State Legislature earlier on the 13th.

Announced via press release DeSantis said, “We are proud to support life and family in the state of Florida.”

Under the new provisions, Florida climbs the ladder and now has some of the strongest anti-abortion laws in the land. The six-week cap on abortions is lifted to 15 weeks in extreme cases. In these situations, a restraining order, police report, or other evidence is required to accompany allegations of rape, incest, or human trafficking. Additionally, it puts an end to telehealth prescriptions of abortion pills and instead requires physicians to dispense the meds in person and not via the mail.

When the Legislature chose to tackle this on the 13th, the debate lasted from 9 am to late afternoon. During this time, leftists took every opportunity they could find to get amendments passed that would help the language of the bill be more palatable to their soulless voter base. In a stroke of absolute dominance, the Republican lead Legislature shot down each measure. In the final vote, there was a tremendous shot of power by underscoring the governor’s signature with a 70-40 supermajority.

Still fresh in the mind of many Floridians is the image of Democratic Party Chairwoman Nikki Fried and Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book being arrested in demonstrations against the measure at the state Capitol in Tallahassee.

Back in 2018, DeSantis promised as a candidate he would bring some serious change to abortion laws in Florida. In 2022 he did that with a 15-week abortion ban. With this version not having exemptions for rape, incest, or human trafficking, the only way a woman who was beyond 15 weeks would need physicians to sign off in writing that the child presented a serious risk to the mother or a fetal abnormality was detected.

Before DeSantis showed up, Florida was one of the most liberal states in the nation on abortion thanks to a 1989 ruling by the state Supreme Court. In their ruling, they explained that the privacy clauses under the state constitution “is clearly implicated in a woman’s decision of whether or not to continue her pregnancy.”

In the decades that followed, FL drew southern women like a moth to a flame. The “abortions open” sign had been lit, and they would flood across the border like illegals along the southern border under Biden’s guidance. When Biden enacted his previous 15-week legislation the state was averaging 19.1 abortions per 1,000 residents; the highest of any state in the land.

Even with Planned Parenthood filing a suit to block DeSantis from enacting this bill, the man has been very smart in his meticulous planning for this moment. The same Supreme Court that made the law in 1989 has now largely been replaced, with DeSantis himself choosing four of the state’s six sitting justices. As Justice Ricky Polston resigned last month, DeSantis will soon be responsible for five of the six sitting justices.

Currently, the state does not publish data on abortions that occurred before the six-week gestational mark. According to the over 82,000 abortions recorded by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration in 2022, the overwhelming majority were done during the first trimester.

Thank God we have states like Florida. Despite the liberal media’s agenda to push “Florida Man” stories in our faces every week, the moral majority are conservatives who put the Constitution and what is right over anything else. No socialist agenda just love for God and Country. Just as it should be!