Chamber of Commerce Calls for More Immigration to America

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How low does a person’s IQ need to be for them to look around America in 2023 and think, “You know what we need around this joint? More immigrants!” Probably as low as the US Chamber of Commerce, the pro-immigration Big Business lobby that hates Americans and wants to throw us all out of work for cheaper foreign labor. The Chamber has just launched a huge blitz to demand that Congress and the Biden regime throw our borders open EVEN WIDER.

The Chamber is being joined by 430 other special interest groups to throw gobs of money at Congress and Biden. They’re calling the blitz the “Legal Immigration and Border Enforcement Reform This Year” (LIBERTY) campaign. How’s that for honesty?

This massive lobbying group, backed by hundreds of millions of dollars in cash for your Representatives and Senators, is calling for “legal” immigration numbers to be pumped through the roof. In a letter they sent to Congress this week, the group declared, “Companies of all sizes and across a host of industries are wrestling with the myriad problems caused by their inability to adequately tap into global talent to meet their workforce needs.”

This is such BS. No other country in the world takes in as many foreign workers as the United States. Other countries realize what a detriment mass immigration is to their native populations. Around 50% of American kids who graduate from college with a STEM degree these days can’t find jobs, because companies want to hire cheaper foreigners.

At a time when most foreign nations are emptying out their insane asylums and hurling the inmates at our southern border, who thinks we need more foreigners? Unfortunately, Congress is already eyeing that sweet, sweet cash from the lobbying groups. Expect legal immigration limits to be raised following this blitz because a majority of Congress just can’t say no to the Chamber of Commerce.