Fake News Outlets Refuse to Return Their Russian Collusion Pulitzers

Rawpixel.com / shutterstock.com
Rawpixel.com / shutterstock.com

The Washington Post and the New York Times both received Pulitzer Prizes for their work in spreading the vicious Russia collusion lies against Donald Trump in 2016. Both outlets have now been revealed to be the lapdogs of the FBI and the CIA, which fabricated the hoax with the help of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Now that their “reporting,” which was really a bootlicking transcription service for the Deep State, has been exposed, shouldn’t both outlets return their unearned prizes?

The long-awaited Durham Report was issued last Monday. With the release of the report, there can no longer be any doubts about the Russia hoax. The Hillary Clinton campaign hired a foreign spy to cook up a fake Russian “dossier” about Donald Trump colluding with the Kremlin and doing weird stuff with Russian hookers. The CIA cooked it up with Hillary, and then Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave the operation their blessing when it was presented to them in 2016.

The FBI carried out the Russia collusion hoax. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) abused his power on the House Intelligence Committee by lying to the American people repeatedly and claiming that he had seen all the “evidence.”

There was never any evidence. It was all a hoax. Every single point in the so-called Steel dossier is now refuted by the Durham report. Donald Trump has been completely exonerated. He was an innocent man that the entire federal bureaucracy tried to smear. The little fake news, enemy-of-the-people media played along with it.

They all knew it was a lie, just like all of us on the right knew that it was a lie. The thing is, they wanted the FBI to lie to them. They lapped it up, and so did their viewers and readers. CNN’s Van Jones even told an undercover report from Project Veritas that the whole thing was a “nothing-burger.” He said it on a hidden camera!

The press knew they were lying, but they hurled themselves at the boots of those in power every day and begged for more lies. CNN had something like 400% more viewers back when the Russia hoax was their bread and butter. The press never wanted to get to the truth. They wanted to do another Nixon-style coup against a duly elected Republican president.

The Daily Mail in London asked both the Times and the Post if they plan to return their unearned Pulitzer Prizes for lying to their readers. God bless the Daily Mail for doing it because nobody in the American media is going to ask. The New York Times didn’t deign to respond. The Times issued an incredibly brief statement, saying, “The Post stands by its reporting.”

Well, of course, they’re not going to return their unearned prizes. That would be seen as an act of admitting they were wrong, which would perhaps garner some respect from potential readers. The fact that they won’t even do that in the wake of the Durham Report makes them look even more pointless and weird.

These fools actually think they earned those awards. They view themselves as heroes in the story, and Donald Trump and his voters as the villains. Their means justified the ends because they were trying to get revenge for the American voters rejecting Crooked Hillary. They knew they were lying the whole time, and they think they deserve trophies for it.

Go ahead, losers. Keep your little trinkets. Then you can sit there and wonder why no one trusts you, no smart person chooses to read your BS any longer, and nobody wants to watch you on your little failed TV news networks.