Florida Woman Tries Selling Baby for 5 C-Notes

Maria Sbytova / shutterstock.com
Maria Sbytova / shutterstock.com

Florida is a state that is a never-ending source of entertainment, and not always in a positive light. Recently, a woman known to use the Palatka H&R Block as a loitering spot was arrested for attempting to sell off her child for just $500 after she abused the tyke.

33-year-old Jessica Woods had been seen abusing her 18-month-old child inside the H&R Block bathroom. Leaving with seemingly no other incident, she stayed away for the rest of the day. However, the next morning, she was found passed out on an AC unit outside. Somewhat near her, the child lay unattended in a shopping cart with no protection from the elements, other people, or the various dangers of the neighborhood.

Confronted by a worker concerned about the duo, Woods began demanding they hand her money. Refusing to just hand money over, they offered to buy whatever they might need instead, and that set Woods off. Tossing the child like a ragdoll, mommy dearest and the child walked off.

Reappearing later in the day, the worker who had talked to Woods saved the child from crawling towards the busy road nearby. After likely saving the child, Woods then made the offer. Per Palatka PD, “Woods told the citizen she did not need anything but, offered to sell the child to the citizen for $500.00. When the citizen refused to purchase the child, Woods walked away, leaving her daughter behind.”

With the child now safe in foster care, Woods is facing six felonies, including child abuse, child neglect, and abandonment of a child. Booked on a $255,000 bond, Woods is not likely to get out anytime soon. Thank God.