Toronto PD Cosigns to Criminals Being Armed and Victims Being Left Helpless

The Bold Bureau /
The Bold Bureau /

Instead of pressing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to undo gun restrictions, the Toronto Police Service (TPS) is instead suggesting potential robbery victims make it easier on criminals. They want this to be a simple transaction like swiping your card at a 7-11 or picking up a quarter in the parking lot.

Speaking before an angered crowd in the Etobicoke civic center, TPS Constable Marco Ricciardi tried to soften the blow of this horrible advice by repeating himself frequently. “To prevent the possibility of being attacked in your home, leave your fobs at your front door because they’re breaking into your home to steal your car. They don’t want anything else. A lot that we’re arresting have guns on them. And they’re not toy guns, they’re real guns. They’re loaded.”

Notice he said nothing about stopping crime. Or arresting criminals. Then again, with the TPS already in hot water from their plea in January for funding. Claiming 22 minutes is a fair response time, and that they are too underfunded to even do that during most of 2023, now they need more money to fail.

It would be funny if it weren’t sad.

In less than two years since Trudeau put in place a freeze on handgun sales and transfers, they now have a huge surge in crime. It’s like criminals don’t care about the law and will get the means to inflict violence no matter what lawmakers do. That also means that criminals now know they have around 20 minutes to commit a crime and get away, that the TPS is advocating for keys being right at the door, and the government wants them unarmed.

Congratulations Canada. You have officially given up all hope.