Trump Makes Major Move to Set Himself Apart

Michael Candelori /
Michael Candelori /

If you’ve been living anywhere but a cave for the last few years, you likely know that former President and 2024 presidential candidate Donald J. Trump hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to social media.

Or, to put it rather plainly, his candor and political forthrightness have gotten him into a bit of trouble with leftists calling the shots at social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. So much so that his accounts on both have been suspended, if not altogether shut down.

But as you also know, the powers that be have recently been kicked out in the much-talked Elon Musk takeover of Twitter. And Musk, given the results of a poll taken on the platform, has decided to re-establish Trump’s account. According to Twitter, Trump’s account was reinstated by Musk back in November.

However, since then, Trump has not made any posts on that account. Although, sources close to Trump said he plans to return to Twitter soon.

To some of you, this might seem odd. I mean, Trump isn’t exactly known for his silence or for playing it safe.

But, as it turns out, he has pretty good reason for staying quiet, or at least not making his Twitter presence a thing just yet.

For starters, he’s got some outstanding contracts to deal with first, according to sources acquired by Rolling Stone magazine.

You probably know that Trump is heavily involved with Truth Social, a so-called Twitter alternative that doesn’t censor as much and allows for freedom and truths to be told.

In fact, the former president has a contract with the platform that states that after posting on Truth Social, he has to wait for a full six hours before he’s allowed to post on any other site or platform, according to SEC filings reported by Business Insider.

Of course, that is just for non-political content. It is noted that “political messaging, political fundraising or get out the vote efforts” by Trump can be posted anywhere at any time.

However, that contract’s timeline is nearly up. And according to those close to Trump, it doesn’t seem that he is all that interested in renewing it.

Some of that is likely because the social media platform isn’t exactly doing well – and hasn’t from the get-go.

As multiple sources can prove, right out of the gate, Truth Social had a rather crippling set of setbacks. And those problems, or at least the number of them, haven’t really gone away.

Additionally, recent reports hint that the fledging company is struggling financially.

Naturally, if it seems that the company won’t be around for much longer or is too problematic to deal with, Trump would want to cut all ties.

Then again, there is another reason why he might want to leave Truth Social and join Twitter again. Basically, it all concerns his 2024 run at the White House.

If you remember back to 2015 and 2016, when Trump was campaigning for the Oval Office for the first time, you’ll know he used social media, unlike any other candidate. In fact, many would say that it was use of Twitter and other social sites that really got his name out there.

And it wasn’t just that he was campaigning on Twitter.

Rather than standing on a soap box or megaphoning agenda items from an ivory tower as most politicians do, Trump was engaging with the people in real time. It was daily, it was hourly, in some cases. And as always with Trump, it was uncensored and raw.

And for that genuine connection to real Americans, to everyday individuals, he gained much respect and much popularity.

Now, heading into his 2024 campaign, it’s more than likely that he wants to regain that a bit. To reengage, as it were, to recapture the magic of 2016.

In either case, it seems that we will more than likely see the return of Trump to Twitter – and with it, a bevy of new leftist woes.