US Capitol Rotunda is Filled with Worship and Congress Members

Florin Cnejevici /
Florin Cnejevici /

If you haven’t heard, revival is sweeping across the nation. Thanks to faith-based movements such as Let us Worship and Turning Point USA Faith, city after city and state after state are seeing the hearts and minds of the nation turn to God in worship and in prayer.

And this past weekend, it was Washington, DC’s turn to experience the glory of God.

Now, to be clear, DC has been a meeting place for hundreds of thousands of Christians over the years, a site where they have come together to pray for our nation, show Christ’s love, and spread the Word of God.

But this past weekend saw a sight that few have ever experienced, worship and prayer coming from the US Capitol Rotunda.

It was all part of a nationwide tour put on by the two organizations asking for Christians to ‘Join us in powerful worship, prayer, and hear the bold call for the Church to rise for this historic moment we were literally born for! We believe this a season for revival for our nation… and we want you to be a part of it!”

What resulted was a few amazing hours of heartfelt worship and the words of God our Father being heard in one of our nation’s most significant places. Arms were raised in worship, people kneeled in prayers, voices were raised in inspiration, and tears were shed as the presence of God filled the rotunda.

As Sean Feucht, founder of “Let Us Worship,” wrote on Twitter, “The Capitol became an Altar.”

He added, “There is ONE KING over America! From the most powerful & important building in the nation – MAY JESUS BE LIFTED UP!”

As he wrote in a separate tweet, it was “THE PRIVILEGE OF A LIFETIME TONIGHT.”

It was also pointed out that it wasn’t just members of his organization or the public joining in. Additionally, seven members of Congress boldly expressed their faith, worshiping and praying as they hosted the revival meeting.

While the political left and those who might continually seem to criticize God and his works in this nation surely have made their mark on America, it’s so encouraging to see that God is still, in fact, present in our government and our country. He is not done with us yet, and He is still working to bring his will to fruition in our lives.

It’s time we joined in that prayer and worship today.